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Whatsapp, Viber, iMessages...Killing Ideas?

“Stop it! I said stop it!!!” Raina’s mother was scolding her over the dinner table while Raina was constantly texting a friend about their plans for the next day at her Annual School Fest. Raina was trying to explain, “Mom, I have a big day tomorrow. Aren’t you excited that I am the lead role in the Sleeping Beauty school play tomorrow?” Her Mom says, “Of course I am honey but you have to understand that this is supper time and you cannot use your phone as I have directed before!!” “But Mom, I have a great idea in my head right now and I am trying  to share it with my fellow actors so that the play can be more interesting..” she says but her mother does not give her a chance to complete her  sentence and puts her phone away. She says, “You can only use it after we are done with dinner here. Plus you had the whole day to share your ideas!!” Raina tries to speak again, “But Mom..” Mom cuts her off again, “Keep shut and eat your food! I do not wish to her all of those now!!” Raina quietly starts to eat her meal and eventually forgets what she had in mind for the play.
Such is the scene in most of the homes all over the world. With the instant messaging system in place, ideas are blooming in the heads of these young minds. The constant exchange of text among these youngsters has actually led to access of information like never before. Vinny send a Whatsapp to her friend Ronnie, “Hey!! Have you heard about the spread of swine flu in our city?” Ronnie replies, “No!! What’s swine flu?” Vinny explains, “You don’t know? Well, Swine Flu is a form of influenza. Here let me send you a link..” and attaches a hyperlink to one of the pages related to Swine Flu and sends it off.
The exchange of information is constant and instant and that’s why several IMs have emerged over time in the past decade. However the question lies, when is the right time to indulge in an IM conversation when relating to Rain’s conversation with her mother. People looking it from different perspectives may say that an idea needs to be shared in a timely manner. Johnson, a father of two teenagers says, “We did not have cellphones before, though it does not mean that we did not have ideas. We wrote down things and discussed it in meetings and so the ideas turned into actions. Same can be done today.” Saira, his daughter says, “Dad, you have to understand that we want to do things instantly. The value of the idea dies off if not shared at the moment! Plus my friends do not have time all the time!!!” “Are you saying that we have all the time in the world? Well, think again Saira! You spend most of the time on IMs and you even do not have time to play with your younger brother. Laziness is all that you are gaining from these messages!!!” Johnson says. Saira ignores her father, “Whatever!!! You don’t know that our generation is smarter than yours!”
The proximity of the thought process here is completely different as per the age gap even though the talk is on common grounds. However we have to understand the scenario and act accordingly. We are the best judge to our actions and hence we need to involve individuals who are most import in our lives, considering their choices.

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