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Let’s Talk DJENT

Djenting is on the rise amongst young guitar enthusiasts these days. A form of music that has vast capability to unify different genres of music and dance forms if thought over and given an effort to. However, it is extremely important to understand what Djent is. So let’s talk Djent.

Djent is a style of heavy metal music that developed as a spinoff of traditional progressive metal. An onomatopoeia for the distinctive high-gain, distorted palm-muted guitar sound, Djent is most notably heard when bands like Meshuggah and Sikth take toll on your eardrums. Meshuggah’s lead guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal, coined the word a decade ago. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that makes use of this palm-muted guitar sound, to the sound itself, or to the environment that revolves around it.

Sweden's tech-metal pioneers, Meshuggah are considered the originators of the djent way of playing metal. This technique however, the scene itself developed from an online community of home recording enthusiasts including Misha Mansoor whose success with Periphery brought djent "from the virtual world into the real one. The webmaster of quoted that "Djent is really an online phenomenon”. He explained that the internet today has given young artists a way to easily share their music, and it's very easy to produce professional-sounding music in their bedrooms. He further said that if Djent is a something that one wants to play, all you need is a guitar, a computer, a guitar interface and, of course, understanding neighbours. Other important bands in the development of the style are Sikth, Animals as Leaders, TesseracT, Volumes and Textures.

Djent as a scene, has grown rapidly and members of the original online community, including the bands Chimp Spanner, Gizmachi, and Monuments, have gone on tour while they performed with other bands with different genres. They have taken it to a new level wherein a release of albums has been commercially. After the Burial, A Life Once Lost, Veil of Maya, Vildhjarta and Xerath are other bands that are often considered djent generic. The group Born of Osiris have also been described as being inspired by the djent movement.

The axe-man from Periphery, Misha Mansoor, uses many guitar effects to influence the music. The use of a lot high gain by using an overdrive pedal is highly notable in the sound that is produced. "To get a djent tone on any guitar you have to buy a compressor, Overdrive or Tube Screamer, Distortion, and Shimmer Reverb pedals to allow you to get a djenty tone depending on your amp and guitar in general" quoted Misha.

So folks, how about a Djent tonight??

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