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Thursday, 05 November 2015 12:08

Stuck in my own Demise

Stuck in my own Demise By: Apollo Kshetrimayum My Life Fears... Too many to count Tears... Enough to cleanse this drought Life... So rough Time is flying by... Man, this shit is tough. 17 years old introduced to heroin Realizing now it's the cause of my own death. Everything turned sour... As each second passed by. I'm trying to find faith in a "higher power" To release the pain... And rid myself of all this regret. Chained to temptation... No wonder I can't rest. The world around me is crashing, Fading... Into oblivion.…
Friday, 10 July 2015 10:56

To whom it is mostly concern

To whom it is mostly concern By: rohit sage The leaves have dried, the tree has fallen One seeks for justice, you threatened their lives Pretending to be the savior with the intention of ill You smile like Lucifer, watching their souls drained Raised your kin like Kings and Queens And you simply faked when a mother lost her child With no guilt, you pretend to have a heart Your shameless thirst for greed has blackened your heart One day you may fear, people will no longer care Your body will be lonely, may be a meal for fox someday…
Friday, 01 May 2015 13:36

Tree House Story

by: rinchon khangrah You and I. We were so close. We would talk all night. And watch the stars together. You said you wanted someone special. Someone who could keep you going. In bad times and good. You said it all to me. Then people began to talk. Of our friendship. Of how we were made for each other. And soon I had myself believing. You knew all about it. And I too. You said I was the only one. Only one you could talk to honestly. You always loved winters. Loved them best. And I, Dreaded them, dreaded them…
Friday, 01 May 2015 13:36

A letter to the Dominant

BY: kennethmaisnam In this world of changeWomen have come a long wayThey have contributed with much strangeLike pirates in shock and bayDominant are the figures and clacksPeople of the society and communityWe must learn to accept all facts That woman have evolved drasticallySupport is much desiredTo these newly blossoming thoughtsFor all that’s our development admiredWill only gain from these beautiful lotsGood is good and bad is badBoth for ladies and ladsThe judgement is unreasonablePassed with gender in consideration!

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