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Jeet Singh, the Neo-Maestro Featured

Synonymous with anything related to music, this young musician from Northeast India has done everything you have in music but still striving for more. Be it singing, composing, producing, playing musical instruments; you name it, he has done it. The emerging maestro is also one of the first few musicians from the Seven Sisters to have forayed into Bollywood and other film industries in the country. For more insights into his life, YSN presents you a tete-a-tete with Jeet Singh:

 1) Tell me something about your childhood days and a brief note on how music came into your life?

Like most of us, my childhood days hold some of the best memories of my life. I was the youngest and yes, pretty much the most pampered one :-). My brother Amarjit Singh was my buddy and partner in crime; in fact he still is LOL. We've had some adventurous time together. He taught me how to ride a bike (read Dad's old Bajaj Scooter)and swimming too. He is the best brother any younger one could ask for. When I was growing up; music was a huge part of our family. Dad used to play percussive instruments like PUNG (Traditional Manipuri Drum) Tabla and Dholki. I still have vivid memories of him playing at various festivals like Holi, Shivratri etc. And my brother Bikram Aditya was a professional playback singer. So Music was in the Family.

 2) Who has been your biggest inspiration in the journey of music?

As I said, Dad  (Late) Ksh. Shyamjai Singh, and my brother Ksh. Bikram Aditya were a major source of both learning and inspiration.  Though I haven't had any formal training in music, I used to sing at All India Radio when I was 6 years old guided by my Brother Bikram Aditya. 

 3) Why was that sudden disappearance from the scene after you did your first show back in Manipur?

Well, the reason behind my sudden disappearance at that point in time was my curiosity to learn more about Music Production. Although many artists, senior musicians and audio engineers in Manipur helped me a lot in understanding how it was done, I kinda had this notion at the back of my mind which always maintained "There has to be a lot more than this" and as a natural progression I came looking for more knowledge and understanding to do with Music Production.

 4) Let’s talk about your current scenario.

Currently, I am based in Bangalore as Music Composer/Producer. And I've been working on various projects ranging from composing tracks and background score for feature films, making jingles for television ads and radio to composing and doing music production for independent artists. I also do Music Production Classes for a selective few aspiring music producers. 

5) What all instruments do you play?

I play Drums, I also play rhythm Guitars and Keys, which I mainly learnt to enhance my Composition and Music Production Skills.  

6) Which all bands or artists you grew up listening to?

As a teenager i grew up listening to a lot of Pop Artists of that time. And later, as I started exploring more; the range of style and genre of music I was listening to also grew with me. To name a few I was listening to  Savage Garden, Prodigy, Extreme, Shania Twain, Linkin Park, Westlife, A.R Rahman, Junoon, Dreamtheater ,Placebo, Incubus, and RATM. 

 7) How was your college life being an artist and How was the journey after? 

During college time in Bangalore; I was a part of a Rock Band called WAX as a Drummer which went to win at many Fests and Competitions. Winning the Campus Rock Idol South Zone and opening for Rasmus in Bangalore were few worth Mentioning. One year after graduating from Christ College, I went to Mumbai to pursue Recording Arts and Audio Engineering at SAE (School of Audio Engineering).Came back to Bangalore after that, and worked at Studios in Bangalore as an Arranger, a Composer and a Programmer. Later I went solo and started composing and producing music as Jeet Singh.  

 8) Do you sometimes sing your own song in the shower?

Of Course I do... Ha ha ha.

 9 ) Do the world know what your favourite cover song is ?

That would be Hole Hearted by Extreme.

 10) How do you spend your time when you are not in the studio.? What is a typical day for you?

When am not in studio, I am with my family and friends mostly for some sumptuous meal and catching up. Or sharing and exchanging playlist with other musicians and friends exploring various style of music. A typical day consists of practicing instruments, and working at the studio.

 11) If you could be someone travelling in time singing with one artist in the history of music, who would it be? 

I would love to sing a Duet with Shania Twain and also collaborate with Incubus. 

 12) Is the struggle a little harder being a music director from northeast in the music industry?

I think it's the same as anyone from any part of the country. Because, I believe when a producer or a client is going through my portfolio; it's primarily my work they are mostly interested in and then comes the rest. So being from northeast has never come between me and my career. For all you know it only helps me get noticed.  

 13) Since you are a music producer and composer, Please mention some brands whom you have associated with.

Some brands worth mentioning with whom I've been associated are :

  1. (A Shekhar Kapur and A.R Rahman’s Initiative)
  3. Taxi for Sure
  4. Big Bazaar
  5. Granton Club Soda
  6. Luminous Fan
  7. 3 Royals
  8.  Dragon Mills

 14) Any upcoming projects that you would like to tell us?

The Project which I am really excited about right now is this EP (Extended Play) that am working on with a Guitarist friend of mine. And we plan to start touring and performing as a duo kind of band after it releases. Apart from that I am working on a Kannada Movie as a Music Director. The details will be out soon. 

  15) Have you ever dreamt of going back to your hometown and help those young talented artists who need a person like you to support?

I would love to go back to Manipur and share whatever I know and also support and help young talented musicians or artist in whatever way I can. However, having said that; it still remains a dream at the moment. 

 16) Jimmy Hendrix or Elvis Presley ?

Elvis Presley

 17) What is your message to the youth today?

Don't let the fear of making mistakes hold u back. You are your own best friend and your worst enemy.  

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