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BEING A MUSLIM WOMAN Who’s Not A Doctor Or A Teacher

By: mehnazn
Yes, being a Muslim Woman who is not a Doctor or a Teacher is still unacceptable in the society we live in. Moreover, being a Muslim Woman who is outspoken and outgoing, of course in or for work-related matters and experiences, is all the more a sin!! Wait..wait…before you start hurling stones at me!!! Well, I am not the one who says the above…it’s those some I-Know-it-All “smart” people who say these “righteous” commandments.
Well, what they say is that if a Doctor goes for a night duty in a hospital, it meansshe is “saving a life”. Or if a Teacher conducts a coaching till late night, it is she “spreading knowledge”. But say for an example, if a Fashion Designer works for an international Fashion Week late in the evening, it is said by these people that this female designer is “partying among models and dancers”. Or if a Journalist is going here and there, round and round to cover a story, she is assumed to be “roaming and wasting time all-day-long.” Such examples are endless. I am sure many of you have faced the same situation or these “noble” comments in your society too.
Why these “smart” people fail to understand the importance of all the jobs in this world, regardless of being done by men or women! Why they succumb to comprehend that if a Doctor is saving a life in that one night duty then even that Fashion Designer is saving your grace by designing the clothes you are wearing! Also, if a Teacher is imparting knowledge to the world, then even a Journalist is given you the much-needed information you need to stay updated!
Can you imagine a world without clothes ornews? I am sure you can imagine. And I am damn sure that you are imagining those Early Men era or those highly unfortunate remote areas scenario! Yes, you are right. Even you don’t get any medical or educational facilities in your imagined places. (Well, I am not even discussing here how doctors and teachers selected by the government avoid going to remote places and how scribes and activists working for private and not-for-profit organisations enthusiastically visit these regions to interact with the people living in those areas.)
Cut to present. Let’s talk about the world we all live in now. The same question. Can you imagine a world without clothes or news? Or without medical and educational facilities? I am 100 per cent sure, the answer is “NO”. In the present era, we all need clothes to attire ourselves and we also need news for our daily updates, hence, Fashion Designers and Journalists are an integral part of the society. Likewise, we also need Doctors to give us medical attention and Teachers to make us educated.
Here, what I am trying to say is every job is important in its own place. So why the above “smart” people discriminate among various professions? Why doctors or teachers are given more importance than the other jobs? Why parents forced their girl child,who has a creative bent of mind, to become a doctor or a teacher? Why they fail to understand that the world needs each one of them for its betterment?
Being judgmental about women doingother lawful jobs, other than in medical or teaching sector, is not a civilized idea. Thinking those jobs are not reputed is a surefire not right on their part. Our society is so cynical about a person’s growth. They are jealous of people who get ahead of them, no matter if that person is a man or women. Our gossip-lovers make it a point to disgrace that person so much so that the person becomes traumatized, especially women. Their gossips go like this: “You know that girl, she is so pally with ministers”, “You know, I heard that she is married without telling her family”, “You know, her work is sponsored by those bigshot people,” and what not Nonsense!!
And yes, these people are so happy when they see that woman unhappy. And the worst part is when one finds only one’s close ones are involved in those gossips, just imagine how it would feel like? However, when that woman, who is on her way to success, gives no importance to their filthy talks, their blood reaches the maximum boiling point and they work even harder to make their Gossips sound more realistic. So, what should we call them? Sadists or Killers?Doesn’t matter what we call them. Both titles Pathetic!! Don’t these people realize how futile it is to engage in talks which they hardly know! Guess, they have no other jobs  than being mongers, yes, rumour and gossip mongers! I know it’s the world’s easiest job (like I said in my previous articles too). By the way, you won’t get a single penny doing that! Why they fail to understand that? Why don’t they start a worthy job and earn few pennies and respect to help their family progress! Talking at the back of people will neither feed your family nor pay your bills. Well, if they can’t do a valuable job, then at least they can shut their filthy mouths! Just a humble suggestion.
Forget about being a Muslim Women, I can say, Women in most of the societies go through this same demotivating social environment. So, what do women do who are not interested in becoming a doctor or a teacher? Do they stop doing the other renowned jobs other than those? All women become doctors and teachers? Just imagine a world full of women doctors and teachers! Well, I can’t imagine! Can you? But, one such place is there!Utopia, it is. Those “smart” people who couldn’t understand the meaning of it, well, Utopia is not a country but an imaginary place wherein everything is perfect!! I am sure these “smart people” still think that a world full of women doctors and teachers is a perfect place, or their Utopia.
Moreover, when the whole world is talking about Women Empowerment, our society is still stuck with becoming only doctors and teachers! Empowerment doesn’t come only with women becoming doctors or teachers, women have to be doing well in every field. A woman can become an engineer, a pilot, an army officer, a politician, a social activist and many more. It is time we encourage and appreciate jobs done by women legally. At the same time, respecting every lawful profession. Though it shouldn’t come with a corrupt baggage of dishounouring one’s family’s image. One has to take care of her family while trying to achieve her aim in life. Although there are many “smart” people ever ready to tarnish your as well as your family’s image. A woman has to be strong and determined enough towards a road leading her to a successful life, professionally as well as personally. And of course, paying no attention to their nonsense. Women, like me, are still striving for a society wherein every legal profession is respected equally. We hope that era to come soon. Until then, women folks, let’s strive even harder and bring a positive change in this society.
If any one of these “smart” people is reading this article, then I take the opportunity to introduce myself as: “I am a Muslim Woman who is Not a Doctor or a Teacher”.
Respect is the word we need to pay to each other.
“The sexes must honour, each the other,” says the Holy Quran.
May Allah bless us all.

Disclaimer: I am not against any professions or communities or male gender mentioned in the article;namely doctors, teachers, men and my loving Muslim community. I heartily respect each one of you. Happy reading.

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