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Flirts just aren’t perceived as flirting!!

Flirts just aren’t perceived as flirting!!

By: anonymous


I like your hair” she says and touches his hair. The guy is looking without a single blink, “It’s really smooth..” she continues. “Thanks” he says, “I use a very good conditioner.” He walks back home after the party, lies down on his back and keeps staring at the wall. ‘She likes me.. I have no problem with that.. I think I like her too..Ahhh.. I’m just thinking beyond but she’s pretty. It’ll be nice to have her as my girlfriend! Ummm.. but I need to know her better.’ ‘Damn.. I should have asked her out while I hold her hand.’


It is more common for males to misinterpret a female's acts of friendliness as flirting or signs that she is interested, even if that isn't her intention. Men, not all, have to understand that woman are generally concerned about how the person is feeling which necessarily does not have to lead to being in a relationship.


We are always trying to make things nice and comfortable for everyone in the room. Some of us just do not talk at all, and therefore the entire room sits quite. Example: There was this time when my boyfriend had invited people for dinner and I was busy cooking in the kitchen. There was a new guy to the group who came and was sitting quietly while the others were talking and laughing, basically having fun. Looking at him, I feel he was uncomfortable. So I quickly finished my cooking and sat next to him and started talking to him. You know, the general conversation, “what’s your name, where are you put up, where are you from ..blah blah blah..” As we started talking, he seemed nice and we talked all the way to the end of the night. Conversations on fashion, politics and places, basically to keep him from getting bored. My boyfriend generally does not sit next to me thinking that his friends will call him ‘clingy’ or “catch him” showing PDA. So the next they, I hear from a friend that the guy had asked questions after the night, like “Is she happy with her boyfriend? She seems very interesting. She’s beautiful also.” My gesture of being friendly was taken to be some form of an approach to him for a relationship, which I clearly do not understand.


One other time, Alisa (a friend of mine) had come to a get-together. A guy was very interested in her and started to talk to her. She was an introvert and so she wasn’t good at conversations. So this time, later, she hears the rumor that ‘she’s a girl with attitude’ and ‘she’s acting too classy.’ The judgement passed on her is totally uncalled for.


There needs to be an understanding with men, again, not all, to know the person first and then make a mental picture of a person. Clearly, it is a known fact that you don’t know much about a person in the first meeting and this is true for both genders. I request my fellow men, to please, stop judging people.

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